Balance 0.04

May 02, 2019 by wespro

Akimichi Chouji
Akimichi Pills : This skill now no have chakra cost.

Rock Lee
Final Lotus : This skill now deals piercing damage.
Front Lotus : This skill now deals piercing damage.

Kinuta Dosu
Melody Arm Tuning : This skill now no have chakra cost.

Fukasaku and Shima (S)
Frog Song : This skill now deals 15 affliction damage, up 5 from 10.

New Characters

April 19, 2019 by wespro

Edo Tensei Kuriarare (S) was a member of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and a member of the Hidden Mist Village's Anbu. During his life he committed countless atrocities and he is happy to be back from death to engage his newfound opponents.
Edo Tensei Fukai (S) has been summoned using the edo tensei jutsu. He is powerless to stop himself from rampaging.

Balance 0.03 + New Characters!!!

April 08, 2019 by wespro

Haruno Sakura
Inner Sakura : This skill now  ignore only stuns.

New characters:

Naruto's anger and desperation has forced the Kyuubi's chakra to come up to the surface, changing Naruto into a single-minded beast with a nearly endless amount of chakra. With the Kyuubi chakra around Naruto, he is able to unleash powerful waves of raw chakra to endow his power further, or gather it back to guard and heal him.
Chojuro (S) confidence is building as the war rages one. The longer it lasts the stronger Chojuro (S) becomes.
Animal Path Pein (S) is one of the six paths of Pein. This Path is able to summon a variety of different beasts for different purposes.
Fukasaku and Shima (S) are known as the two great sage toads of Mount Myoboku. They taught both Jiraiya and Naruto sage jutsu and are each skilled in elemental techniques as well as genjutsu techniques.
Uzumaki Nagato (S) is the leader of Akatsuki and is also known as Pein. He is in control of the six paths of Pein and was a former student of Jiraiya. Nagato possess the rinnegan and may be the strongest ninja in the shinobi world.