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New Characters + Balance 0.11 + Sasori by Pavera
Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 00:28 by Alexandre

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay guys, wespro and me are very busy these days but this holiday season we want to do best and improve our game even more. Today we have a special Balance for some teams very strong, and a better balance on some characters that are far below average. 

Remember that you can still support us on the Patreon page, for now that's all, see you soon.

New characters:

Pavera was the winner of the event and created the new Sasori of the Red Sand (S)! Thank you for your great work!

Maki (S)

Maki is slowly begining to trust her commrads in the allied shinobi alliance. Maki and her allies make their way from battle to battle strengthening their bond as the war rages on.
Omoi (S)

A usually cautious Omoi is shredding everything in his path as the war stretches on. A rare sight indeed to see Omoi throw caution to the wind, his determination is nothing less than remarkable.

Atsui (S)

Atsui's blood is boiling as he enters the frey. He will stop at nothing to protect his precious commrades and one thing is certain, wherever Atsui goes on the battlefield it will surely be red hot.

Kitsuchi (S)

Kitsuchi is trying hard not to let his anger over come a calm head as he leads his troops into battle. Good luck to any enemy that attempts to engage this general in battle.

Ittan (S)

Ittan is using his years of experience in battle as he and his allies in the ambush unit wage war on the front lines. He will use every tactic he knows to support his comrades.

Edo Tensei Pakura (S)

Pakura awakens to find her self revived and fighting young shinobi in what she views as the future. Before she has a chance to break free of this jutsu that brought her back her body is taken control of to utilize her killer abilitys on the battlefield.

Edo Tensei Jinpachi (S)

Jinpachi is back from the grave and battling on the front lines. He is not particularly fond of being used but he is more than happy to use this opportunity to show the new generation the power of the Hidden Mist's seven swordsman.

Edo Tensei Kuriarare (S)

Kuriarare seems amused to be back if nothing else. Leaving a twisted web of bodies in his wake he makes his way through the front lines with a morbid type of ease.

Edo Tensei Gari (S)

Gari quickly realized he cannot sustain any long term damage in this battle and has used this to his advantage viciously. He is living up to his reputation as he explodes countless enemies into pieces.

Edo Tensei Hanzo (S)

Hanzo is back and severely aggitated at the fact that he is being used. He is not limited to any emotional attachments towards his enemies however since during his life literally everyone was an enemy in his eyes.

Balance Update:

  • Rework: Sasori of the Red Sand (S)
  • Buffs: Uchiha Sasuke, Hozuki Suigetsu (S), Yakushi Kabuto (S), Morino Ibiki
  • Nerfs: Deva Path Pein (S), Uchiha Itachi, Rock Lee (S), Hatake Kakashi (S)

Details on balance changes can be found here

New Characters + Event xp!
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at 01:31 by Alexandre

Hey guys,

I would like to thank all the players, we are getting closer to finishing the whole lot of the old NA and with that we would like to give you some things. Remember that you can continue to support us through Patreon and keep the game alive and fresh.

New update:

  • New Max Level: 60
  • XP Bonus for players with Highest Level less than 31, + 50% on wins and -50% on losses. [undetermined time]

Patreon Page

New Characters

Hoshigaki Kisame (S)

Hoshigake Kisame has always played the loyal soldier. Always doing what he was told, never asking questions. So when Akatsuki gave him orders to spy on Uzumaki Naruto and Killer Bee he sets out to complete his mission. Above all else this loyal soldier will complete his mission at all costs.

Tobi (S)

Tobi is a mystery to everyone and he prefers it this way. With no remorse he continues to follow through with his plans.

Kurotsuchi (S)

Kurotsuchi (S) is trying to keep her cool as the war starts. She is secretly immature and nervous but would never let her fellow shinobi see that side of her. She heads into battle like she was shot out of a cannon.

Hachibi Bee (S)

Having tricked Sasuke into thinking he was defeated Bee escapes the Hidden Cloud Village that has had him on house arrest for years due to his Jinchuuriki status. Bee uses the kage summit as a diversion to train his enka singing style. Everything is going well until Hoshigake Kisame rudely interrupts Bee's training. Bee is going to let Kisame have a taste of his Jinchuuriki power.

Edo Tensei Deidara (S)

Having been revived by means of Edo Tensei, Deidara is fully prepared to exact revenge on all of his enemies that he encountered during his life. Entering the battlefield he is sure to encounter someone he knew while he was still alive and thats all the reason he needs.

Edo Tensei Sasori (S)

Sasori likes his new form, that being an eternal puppet that does not age. He is slightly irritated to find Deidara by his side when he is revived and chances are he will not tolerate Deidara's loud mouth even in death.

Edo Tensei Zabuza (S)

Upon realizing that he has been revived Zabuza is furious that someone would use him as a weapon after his death. Although he would never admit to it, Zabuza's heart is happy to see Haku even in death.

Edo Tensei Haku (S)

Haku is unsure why he is among the living again but he is relieved to see Zabuza by his side even in death. As they push forward Haku hopes he will not have to hurt anybody against his will.

Edo Tensei Jinin(S)

Jinin has been revived under complete control of the edo tensei jutsu. Jinin's unique abilities are being put to use in war against living opponents.

Edo Tensei Ameyuri(S)

Edo Tensei Ameyuri (S) has been summoned to participate in the fourth great ninja war. Under complete control of the Edo Tensei jutsu her deadly abilitys are sure to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

New Characters + Gaara nerf
Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 16:22 by Alexandre

Hey guys,

Today another common day and new characters and something you've been asking for a long time, a nerf in Gaara. Also remember that we have our Patron page, you can help us keep our site online and bring many improvements and news.

Patreon Page

New Characters

Yamanaka Fu

Yamanaka Fu (S) and his partner Torune are totally dedicated to the protection of the Leaf Village and Anbu Root. Following his orders he enters the battle fearlessly.

Aburame Torune

Aburame Torune (S) has his orders and will follow them until the end. Protecting Danzo and The Leaf Village is all that matters to Torune.

Ao (S)

Ao (S) has seen many things over the years but as the mizukage's newly appointed bodyguard he is sure to witness some things he is not prepared for. Ao has more than enough experience in battle to make it through the upcoming battles unharmed.

Shee (S)

Shee (S) cannot afford to let the Raikage down. Using every ounce of ability and determination that he has in him Shee is ready to battle.

Akatsuchi (S)

Akatsuchi is an Iwagakure shinobi. A war-experienced point-of-pride for Iwagakure, Akatsuchi's unwavering loyalty to the Third Tsuchikage earned him the title as his shield.

Mangekyou Sasuke (S)

Sasuke having found out the truth about his brother Itachi's past has gone mad with rage. Sasuke embraces the darkness and allies himself with the Akatsuki, he attacks the kage summit in search of Shimura Danzo. If Sasuke can survive his assault on the kage summit he is going to take revenge on Danzo and the Leaf Village for what they put Itachi through.

Balance Update:

  • Nerfs: Gaara

Details on balance changes can be found here

Balance 0.9
Monday, November 18, 2019 at 07:47 by wespro

Hey guys,

First I would like to thank you all for your support and patience, we are trying our best to bring the best experience to you all.

Scary characters appeared with very high rates. Isn't halloween today, so... 

Balance Update:

  • Nerfs: Deva Path Pein (S), Inuzuka Tsume

Details on balance changes can be found here

New Characters + Rework
Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 20:13 by Alexandre

Hey guys. Today another news for you, and if you like we can do more often. New characters and a new Deva Path Pein (S) (rework). Also remember that we have our Patron page, you can help us keep our site online and bring many improvements and news.

Let's keep an eye out this week, so we'll have BU soon.

Patreon Page

New Characters

Cursed Seal Juugo (S)

Cursed Seal Juugo (S) is on a deadly rampage. Anyone who crosses his path is in serious trouble. Not even Juugo knows what he will do next.

Hyuuga Hinata (S)

Even though a few years have passed since she last saw Naruto, Hinata is still very much hopelessly in love with him. She has bloomed from a girl into a young woman, and gone are the days of her self doubt in combat.

Sennin Naruto (S)

Naruto is driven by the loss of Jiraiya to follow in his master's footprints. Studying in Mount Myoboku under Fukasaku and Shima he is seemingly able to do what his sensei could not, will Naruto master the sage mode that Jiraiya was unable to?

Fukasaku and Shima (S)

Fukasaku and Shima have seen first hand the power that Pein holds during the battle that Jiraiya lost his life in. They are preparing Naruto for the inevitable battle with Pein and are eager to exact revenge for the loss of Jiraiya.

Deva Path Pein (S)

Deva Path Pein is on a mission of destruction in search of Naruto. He fearlessly rushes into battle with any enemy he comes in contact with ready to end their life.

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