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We come back!
Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 02:59 by wespro

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Naruto-Arena, your not-so-new customizable turn-based game! We took this time out to do some changes in the game itself and to free our site from the copyright chains. In this post we're going to point out each and every change the game has been through. It's a huge post, so let's begin!


(For any doubts in this topic, go to our Discord!)

This game is still called Naruto-Arena but now you're able to customize the characters so everything (besides their skills) in your game will be customizable. That means that you can upload 75x75 pictures of everything you want to put in your characters. They can now be from any anime you want or even from no anime at all if that's your wish. You can also change the character names, character descriptions, skill names, mission pictures, in-game renders and site renders! Be ready to make Naruto-Arena as yours as it has never been.

For now, the standard version of Naruto-Arena (without your customizations) will be empty spaces with characters' IDs. That will help you to see which characters the players are using during a match. The characters you'll see in your opponent's team will be the same as the ones you uploaded. You won't see their customizations, only your own.

This system allows you to upload your own pictures for the all the characters. For a better explanation, or some kind of tutorial, check the video below!

But don't worry: If you're not willing to upload your own customizations, here it goes some options:

  • Naruto-Arena's new original version is about to come!  At some point, the standard version of the game will be original characters, with original drawings and an original story. That doesn't mean that you'll lose your customization capacity though. This is intended to be permanent!

  • As players upload their own sets of character pictures, they will be able to share their themes with the community! Visit our forum, Naruto-Boards our Discord[ and see if you can find an already-made theme for you. This way, with just a few clickes, you'll be able to have your game full of pictures again. Everytime the owner of the theme changes it, your game will be changed at the same time (the same goes for game updates!).


Our player base is highly made with brazilian people and portuguese-speakers at all. We thought it would be nice to give these players a chance to play the game in their own language. There's a new button on the main page, called "Português do Brasil". Click there if you want to have not only the site, but also the game fully in portuguese! You can click back anytime on the buttom that will appear, "English", to get your game back to english.


With the game comeback, we would surely have changes on the way you play it. A new class system is up, different in some ways from the old one. Classes were removed, classes were added and classes were changed. All characters are already changed to fit the new class system. Check the Game Manual for more information!


  • NEW CLIENT:The game is running in a new client! You will notice it, but we can say that it is way more fluid and the frame rate is so much higher now!

  • BUG FIXES: We tried our best to remove the bugs we found. However, everytime you face a new one or even a writing mistake, make sure to visit our Discord and warn us in the appropriate channel.

  • SCROLL BAR: Now, every character description or skill description that is too long to fit in its space in the Selection & Battle Screens has a scroll bar! This way, you can read the full skill without having image problems.

  • SEARCH BAR: In the Characters & Skills section, you can now see a Search Bar that you can use to have access to the character you're looking for in an easier way!

  • MISSIONS: The missions screen (that you can find by clicking in Missions) is not arranged by villages anymore. They are all together and arranged by level requirement. There's a new search bar there, where you can find a mission by writing its name or the name of the character it unlocks.

  • BUDDY LIST: Add your friends in a list where you can find them easily! Be ready to play private games with them!

  • GIF AVATARS AND BACKGROUNDS: Tired of static images as your avatar and background photos? Now you can add them in gif form, to see them moving during a match! You can also upload avatars in the game and in the boards by using an external link.


You guys were surely excited for this. We are bringing in 5 brand new characters to the game with its comeback. For the next weeks, you'll see more of them coming! (Upload their pictures too or find a theme where they are already made-up characters!)







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