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Balance 0.13 + New characters!

Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 16:18 by Alexandre

Today another update, I hope you all like it. Remember that you can still support us on the Patreon page, for now that's all, see you soon.

New characters:

The new Shimura Danzo has been selected, we will see him next week!

The new reworks are Deidara (S) and Hidan (S) click here if you dream of having your character in the game!

Temari (S)

After Uchiha Sasuke seemingly captured Killer Bee there was summit held that called on all kages, the first of it's kind. Temari escorts her brother Gaara the Kazekage along with Kankuro. To their shock the summit is interrupted by none other than the Akatsuki.

Dodai (S)

Dodai is a member of the fourth division communications team. He will need to survive inorder to play a key role.

Konan of the Rain (S)

Konan will do her best to help Naruto reach his dream of true peace. It will not be an easy road ahead of her.

Edo Tensei Nagato (S)

Edo Tensei Nagato (S) has been summoned back from death to be used as a weapon in war. He wants to be defeated but with his skill and talents that is no easy task for anyone no matter how strong an opponent they may be. Nagato is to be feared dead or alive.

Kyuubi Naruto (S)

Kyuubi Naruto blasts onto the battlefield with wreckless abandon. He is sure to make good use of his new power.

Balance Update:

  • Buffs: Temari, Demon Brothers, Uzumaki Naruto (S)
  • Nerfs: ET Sandaime Raikage (S), Uzumaki Nagato (S), Deva Path Pein (S), Inuzuka Tsume, Yamanaka Fu

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