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New Characters + Balance 0.11 + Sasori by Pavera

Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 00:28 by Alexandre

Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay guys, wespro and me are very busy these days but this holiday season we want to do best and improve our game even more. Today we have a special Balance for some teams very strong, and a better balance on some characters that are far below average. 

Remember that you can still support us on the Patreon page, for now that's all, see you soon.

New characters:

Pavera was the winner of the event and created the new Sasori of the Red Sand (S)! Thank you for your great work!

Maki (S)

Maki is slowly begining to trust her commrads in the allied shinobi alliance. Maki and her allies make their way from battle to battle strengthening their bond as the war rages on.
Omoi (S)

A usually cautious Omoi is shredding everything in his path as the war stretches on. A rare sight indeed to see Omoi throw caution to the wind, his determination is nothing less than remarkable.

Atsui (S)

Atsui's blood is boiling as he enters the frey. He will stop at nothing to protect his precious commrades and one thing is certain, wherever Atsui goes on the battlefield it will surely be red hot.

Kitsuchi (S)

Kitsuchi is trying hard not to let his anger over come a calm head as he leads his troops into battle. Good luck to any enemy that attempts to engage this general in battle.

Ittan (S)

Ittan is using his years of experience in battle as he and his allies in the ambush unit wage war on the front lines. He will use every tactic he knows to support his comrades.

Edo Tensei Pakura (S)

Pakura awakens to find her self revived and fighting young shinobi in what she views as the future. Before she has a chance to break free of this jutsu that brought her back her body is taken control of to utilize her killer abilitys on the battlefield.

Edo Tensei Jinpachi (S)

Jinpachi is back from the grave and battling on the front lines. He is not particularly fond of being used but he is more than happy to use this opportunity to show the new generation the power of the Hidden Mist's seven swordsman.

Edo Tensei Kuriarare (S)

Kuriarare seems amused to be back if nothing else. Leaving a twisted web of bodies in his wake he makes his way through the front lines with a morbid type of ease.

Edo Tensei Gari (S)

Gari quickly realized he cannot sustain any long term damage in this battle and has used this to his advantage viciously. He is living up to his reputation as he explodes countless enemies into pieces.

Edo Tensei Hanzo (S)

Hanzo is back and severely aggitated at the fact that he is being used. He is not limited to any emotional attachments towards his enemies however since during his life literally everyone was an enemy in his eyes.

Balance Update:

  • Rework: Sasori of the Red Sand (S)
  • Buffs: Uchiha Sasuke, Hozuki Suigetsu (S), Yakushi Kabuto (S), Morino Ibiki
  • Nerfs: Deva Path Pein (S), Uchiha Itachi, Rock Lee (S), Hatake Kakashi (S)

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