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New Characters + Gaara nerf

Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 16:22 by Alexandre

Hey guys,

Today another common day and new characters and something you've been asking for a long time, a nerf in Gaara. Also remember that we have our Patron page, you can help us keep our site online and bring many improvements and news.

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New Characters

Yamanaka Fu

Yamanaka Fu (S) and his partner Torune are totally dedicated to the protection of the Leaf Village and Anbu Root. Following his orders he enters the battle fearlessly.

Aburame Torune

Aburame Torune (S) has his orders and will follow them until the end. Protecting Danzo and The Leaf Village is all that matters to Torune.

Ao (S)

Ao (S) has seen many things over the years but as the mizukage's newly appointed bodyguard he is sure to witness some things he is not prepared for. Ao has more than enough experience in battle to make it through the upcoming battles unharmed.

Shee (S)

Shee (S) cannot afford to let the Raikage down. Using every ounce of ability and determination that he has in him Shee is ready to battle.

Akatsuchi (S)

Akatsuchi is an Iwagakure shinobi. A war-experienced point-of-pride for Iwagakure, Akatsuchi's unwavering loyalty to the Third Tsuchikage earned him the title as his shield.

Mangekyou Sasuke (S)

Sasuke having found out the truth about his brother Itachi's past has gone mad with rage. Sasuke embraces the darkness and allies himself with the Akatsuki, he attacks the kage summit in search of Shimura Danzo. If Sasuke can survive his assault on the kage summit he is going to take revenge on Danzo and the Leaf Village for what they put Itachi through.

Balance Update:

  • Nerfs: Gaara

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