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New Characters + Rework

Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 20:13 by Alexandre

Hey guys. Today another news for you, and if you like we can do more often. New characters and a new Deva Path Pein (S) (rework). Also remember that we have our Patron page, you can help us keep our site online and bring many improvements and news.

Let's keep an eye out this week, so we'll have BU soon.

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New Characters

Cursed Seal Juugo (S)

Cursed Seal Juugo (S) is on a deadly rampage. Anyone who crosses his path is in serious trouble. Not even Juugo knows what he will do next.

Hyuuga Hinata (S)

Even though a few years have passed since she last saw Naruto, Hinata is still very much hopelessly in love with him. She has bloomed from a girl into a young woman, and gone are the days of her self doubt in combat.

Sennin Naruto (S)

Naruto is driven by the loss of Jiraiya to follow in his master's footprints. Studying in Mount Myoboku under Fukasaku and Shima he is seemingly able to do what his sensei could not, will Naruto master the sage mode that Jiraiya was unable to?

Fukasaku and Shima (S)

Fukasaku and Shima have seen first hand the power that Pein holds during the battle that Jiraiya lost his life in. They are preparing Naruto for the inevitable battle with Pein and are eager to exact revenge for the loss of Jiraiya.

Deva Path Pein (S)

Deva Path Pein is on a mission of destruction in search of Naruto. He fearlessly rushes into battle with any enemy he comes in contact with ready to end their life.

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