New Characters + Shimura Danzo by Pavera

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New Characters + Shimura Danzo by Pavera

Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 15:29 by Alexandre

Hello, so, here's some new thing. We got some characters, and hopefully, soon we are finishing all the characters of the old naruto arena.

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New characters:

Pavera was the winner of the event and created the new Shimura Danzo! Thank you for your great work!

Shimura Danzo

Shimura Danzo (S) has finally left the shadows and came to the forefront of the ninja world. Any enemy to the Leaf Village or Anbu Root will wish they had not tested this elder shinobi.
Edo Tensei Chiyo (S)

Lady Chiyo is back from the dead and not very happy about it. She will however find time to have a bit of fun with the new generation of shinobi while doing battle with them.

Edo Tensei Kimimaro (S)

Kimimaro is back among the living and he has no problems fighting for someone else's agenda. Just like when he was alive he will gladly do battle for his master.

Edo Tensei Fuguki (S)

Fuguki is unaware of the purpose of this war he is only concerned with battle. Even without Samehada Fuguki is still a handfull for anyone to manage.

Zetsu (S)

Zetsu is on every battlefield in the war. Chaos follows him as his clones wage war.

New reworks:

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