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New Characters Super Batch!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 18:19 by Alexandre

Hello guys,

Remembering that we are trying to do the best for you guys. The Balance comes soon.

Now the best part, I know you were expecting some characters.

Hatake Kakashi (S)

Kakashi has been without a ninja squad for almost 3 years. In this time of respite from teaching young genins he has taken on numerous difficult missions and has achieved something that only an Uchiha can.

Chiyo (S)

One of the elders of the Sand Village, Chiyo-baa, is a veteran of the last ninja war and a highly respected member of the Sand Village. After learning about her grandson Chiyo has decided to come out of retirement to help in the rescue of Kazekage Gaara.

Kankuro (S)

Having seen the growth of character in his brother, Kankuro wishes to be the best he can be too. He has made a third puppet to add to his arsenal and challenges himself to reach greater heights as a puppet user.

Yamato (S)

After their battles with Akatsuki to rescue Gaara Kakashi is bedriden and cannot lead his team any further. Tsunade has tasked an ANBU, code named Yamato, to lead Team 7 during this critical mission to investigate an Akatsuki spy.

Orochimaru (S)

Team 7, lead by Yamato, is on a mission to uncover an Akatsuki spy. Little did they expect that spy to be Kabuto, right hand man of Orochimaru. To top off this twisted plot it seems that even the spy was followed by a most unexpected return.

Four Tail Kyuubi Naruto (S)

Witnessed, and survived, once by Jiraiya this tainted power within Naruto is a catastrophe in the making. Pushed to his limit by rage and anger, Naruto gives in to the power within and becomes an instrument of pure destruction.

Sasori of the Red Sand (S)

Part of the true might of Akatsuki, legend among the Sand, feared by friend and foe, self-proclaimed toppler of nations; he is Sasori of the Red Sand. Today his puppets will stain the earth crimson.

Remember, you will always see the new chacacters first here

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