Special Characters 'Carnaval'!

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Special Characters 'Carnaval'!

Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 16:27 by Alexandre

This week we are celebrating Brazil, the famous 'Carnaval', so today we have for you new faces for our beloved game!

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New characters:

Hyuuga Hiashi

Hiashi has mastered every ability and skill known to the Hyuuga, and for far too long he has sat on the sidelines watching his kids and nephews do all the work, but no more. Hiashi is determined to show to these kids what it means to be the greatest of all the Hyuuga.
Tsunade (S)

Konoha is under attack. It is under attack from every side and shadow, but its new Hokage will not let any harm come to her village. Tsunade is one of the last few members of the Senju clan, the proud clan that once founded the village of Konoha, and she will do whatever it takes to save her village.

Terumi Mei (S)

After taking office as Mizukage, Mei came across challenges while struggling to undo the negative inheritance left by the Fourth Mizukage and the village's own history.

Ohnoki (S)

When he was an adolescent, Ōnoki was tasked with cleaning his village's Stone Monument. As he did so, his grandfather, the First Tsuchikage, came and spoke with him. Ōnoki, who believed that the First was just a cheap old man to have such a simple thing as the symbol of the village, was then told that the stone represented the unmovable will of the shinobi of the village.

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