The Ninja Ladder


Experience forms the basis of your level, ninja rank and ladder rank. Every player starts the game with 0 experience points. By playing ladder games, you will be able to raise your experience. Your experience is an indication of your skill.

Your experience will increase when you defeat an opponent. The amount of experience you gain depends on the level difference and expected skill between you and your opponent. By beating an opponent with a much higher level you will receive a large amount of experience. Beating an opponent of a much lower level will grant you only a small amount of experience. The experience gained from a battle can range from 15 to 600.

Your experience can also be decreased by losing a battle. Much like gaining experience, this amount depends on the level difference between you and your opponent. By losing from a much higher level opponent you will lose very little experience. Losing from a much lower leveled opponent will cost you a very high amount. Aside from you opponent, the experience you lose in a battle also depends on your own level. During the first 25 levels, players will lose less experience from losing agame. This is done to help the less skilled players also progress in the ladder. The experience lost from a battle can range from 0 to 600. At this point there is no experience decay for inactive players. This may be introduced in the future.


As you gain more experience, you will also increase in level. Each player starts at level 1. To reach level 2, you will need 200 experience. With each level the experience that is required will increase, making it harder and harder to progress, whereas level 50 requires 50.000 experience points.

Ninja rank

As you rise in level, you will also gain new Ninja ranks. Each player starts the game as an ?Academy Student?. From here on, you will receive a higher rank every five levels. This rule applies to all Ninja ranks except for the rank of ?Hokage?. The ?Hokage? rank is only given to the very best player. Aside from being number 1 in the ladder, this player must also be at least level 46. With each new Ninja rank, your icon and player card will change.

The following Ninja Ranks can be achieved with the specified levels:

  • Level 1-5: Academy Student
  • Level 6-10: Genin
  • Level 11-15: Chuunin
  • Level 16-20: Missing-Nin
  • Level 21-25: Anbu
  • Level 26-30: Jounin
  • Level 31-35: Sannin
  • Level 36-40: Jinchuuriki
  • Level 41-45: Akatsuki
  • Level 46-50: Kage
  • Level 46-50 + Rank #1: Hokage

Ladder rank

The ladderrank is the position a player has in the ladder. The more points a player gains, the higher the player is ranked. Rank #1 is always kept by the player with the most points.

Players get a ladderrank as soon as they are in the top 1.000 of the ladder. The ladderranks are updated every 15 minutes. The player that has reached Kage level and is Rank #1 on the ladder may call himself/herself the Hokage of Naruto-Arena.

Matchup System

When you start a ladder game, you will be automatically matched up against an opponent of equal skill level. Your skill level is determined by your level and your performance in the last couple of games. If you are performing extremely well, you will be matched against players of a higher level then your own. This will make rising to your ?real? level in the ladder go much quicker.

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